This is us about fifty years and fifty pounds ago. My wife Diana is in the front of the canoe and and that’s me (pre-Dr.Spiller) in the stern. Diana is my business manager, and without her there would have been no office, no DoctorSpiller.Com,  and probably no Dr. Spiller. I would most likely still be living in a cave and eating whatever had the misfortune of crawling out of the straw I happened to be sleeping on the night before.  Note that I have retired from active practice, but maintain this website as a public service.

This website has grown considerably since its inception in late 2000.  It  has gained a following among fellow dentists, dental students, teachers and professors from all levels of the educational system.  The information contained in its pages is free and presented as a public service.  (See the terms of usage in the lower shared border.)

This is a website that goes into virtually every aspect of modern dentistry.  I began writing it in 2000 and it has grown exponentially ever since. It now contains over 250 pages, and, if you use the search function in the sidebar, you should be able to find the answer to any question you might have about dentistry.

I was the sole dentist in my practice and I employed two hygienists, one assistant and one office manager.  My wife, Diana, was the office manager, and over the years, I have forgotten nearly everything I ever knew about the business aspects of dental management and have left that angle to her.  In turn, she leaves the technical aspects of dentistry strictly to me.  We ran the practice together, and as you can tell by the logo at the top of the page, Diana figures into my life in every way possible.

I dedicated my practice to the basic services that people want without selling them things they don’t need.  It was primarily an oral health practice in which I did all the dentistry myself, including most dental specialties.  I did fillings, aesthetic restoration (smile repair), extractions, root canals, and all things dental that relieve and prevent pain and relate to the patient’s oral (and mental) health.  I’ve treated many thousands of patients over the years since 1978, and the vast majority are quite happy with the results.

jeremy-3This is my son Jeremy, circa 1977.  He is now a middle aged software engineer who does embedded processing (machines talking to machines), but still writes video games and other software just for fun. click on the icon to visit his website or visit his Facebook page.


heatherThis is my daughter Heather (also 1977), who is now a mother with two active children and a husband who is a vice president at Sales Force (into computers…must run in the family).


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