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Copyright Information For is a personal website written by an individual dental professional whose intention is to enlighten the public with generally accepted, mainstream medical/dental information.  It has become popular with dental students, hygienists, and quite a few dentists, especially those from developing nations.

All text, photographs, illustrations and tables you find on this website ( are copyright protected, either by me, or by the authors who have knowingly contributed to this website–i.e. certain images and text which were reproduced here with attribution.  The real meaning of this phrase is that no one can simply copy information from this website and paste it into their own website or commercial publication without express permission from the author (Martin S. Spiller, D.M.D.).

This does NOT mean that you cannot , copy, paste, print and use the information in this website.  This website is provided as a public service and may be used by anyone for their own education or as a teaching aid to teach others.  Specifically:

Any student of any age may copy and use any part, or even the whole of this website in the course of study, written and oral reports, science projects, or any other legitimate academic usage. Any graduate student may use this material in presentations and as part of their theses. This permission also applies to use of the internet as part of a thesis.

Any teacher may use any and all text, illustrations photographs and tables for any purpose pertaining to the teaching of their students, including temporary use of the internet. You may print this material for students, and feel free to use the photos for slide and Power Point presentations.

Any dentist or other health professional may also print or otherwise present this material for teaching purposes for patients, staff or colleagues. Any academic lecturer may likewise print and present this material without specific permission. Attribution is not required, but would be appreciated.

You may gain permission to use the info on this site for the purposes stated above by emailing me using the form on this page

Blogs and internet discussion boards

The use of short stretches of text from this website on internet discussion boards and blogs is permitted WITH ATTRIBUTION!

Please respect this website. DO NOT copy large portions of my pages and leave them on discussion boards or blog postings indefinitely. This behavior does serious damage to and is NOT permitted!

I frequently give permission for the use of specific photographs, illustrations and text to authors of worthy websites television productions, and printed publications.  To obtain such permission, please use the form on the contact page.

I NEVER give permission to copy and paste large portions of my pages on blogs or on another website, especially a commercial website.  When I find this happening I have to spend considerable time chasing down the authors and forcing them to remove the material using DMCA complaints.

Web developers may NOT copy the content of this website for use in developing commercial websites for other dentists or health care providers.  This activity is strictly illegal, and I will seek legal damages!  Copyright law provides that owners of registered copyrighted material may sue for monetary damages.  This website is registered with the US Copyright office in its entirety (Certificate of Registration: TX0006443750), and copies are regularly updated and maintained at the Library of Congress.

If you want to contact me about copyright questions, you may use the form below:

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) protects search and internet providers  from lawsuits concerning copyright infringement by third parties.  However it also obliges them to investigate and respond to complaints by authors about alleged copyright infringements under the threat of the loss of their own protection.  If the complaints are valid, the search provider must block all search results to the offending web pages, and this may extend to the entire offending website.  Complaints to search providers such as Google, Bing and Yahoo are particularly effective with overseas websites where American and European copyright law may not provide effective copyright protection.  Complaints to ISPs and blog hosting companies, especially in the US and Europe will often result in the complete removal of offending websites or blogs.  I do, in fact, lodge these complaints when offenders that I find do not respond to my queries.

If you want to contact me about using the material on this website, please use the form below:


How do I find out when my work has been plagiarized?

Simple!  Anyone can do it.  Just select any phrase in my website of at least a dozen words.  Enclose the phrase in quotation marks, and copy it into a Google search box.  Then press the Google Search button, and Google will return all the occurrences of that phrase in any website on the net.  Just click on the search results and see if the page actually contains more of my copyrighted content.

Alternatively, anyone can purchase web searches for copyright violations for their website from a great service called Copyscape.

What is a copyright?

The concept of copyright protection was set fourth in the original US constitution and affords the author of an original work specific rights that the author can give or sell to others or keep for him/herself.  It protects original intellectual material once it has been written down.   Note that the copyright extends from the time the work is committed to paper (or, more recently, to electronic media).  The work does not have to be published to be copyrighted.  Nor does it even have to be registered with the copyright office at the US library of congress.  This website began in the summer of 2000, and those portions which existed at that time were, and still are copyright protected, provided I can prove that I was the author at that time.

This website has been operating since 7/24/2000.  I can prove authorship of my website from November of 2001 by using a web service called the Wayback Machine which uses web crawlers to find and archive web pages.

I can also prove my authorship as a result of copies of my web site held by the library of congress copyright office, Certificate of Registration, TXu 1-571-382.

A copyright is good for the life of the author of the work, plus 70 years.

After filing so many DMCA complaints, I thought it might be appropriate to create an entire page explaining just how to go about taking down web pages that have infringed YOUR material. Click this link to find out exactly how to remove your work from websites not authorized to use it!

DISCLAIMER: Statements made on this web site are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be substituted for the advice of a medical professional.   Information and statements have not been evaluated by the American Dental Association or any federal regulation agency and are not intended to diagnose, or treat any disease or medical condition.  This is a personal website written by an individual dental professional whose intention is to enlighten the public with generally accepted, mainstream medical/dental information.  I do not claim to represent the opinions of all dental or medical professionals. No website is a substitute for a visit to a living, breathing dentist or physician who can deal with you personally.