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Thank you for coming to my site.  I hope that it is helpful, both to you and your patients.  This web is an attempt to present mainstream dentistry that is accessible to both the public, and to fellow professionals, including students from all the dental disciplines.  I try to stay up-to-date, however, I know that I am deficient in some areas.  If you find that any of my presentations need updating, please let me know how I can improve them.  I’ve been practicing for nearly 40 years, and may be a bit “set in my ways”, but I am always willing to learn.  I’m always changing pages around after continuing education courses.

I receive numerous e-mails from patients asking if I know of any dentists practicing close to their own homes that offer their patients the types of alternatives that I describe on this website.  Many are what I would call “abused patients”.  These are people who have been to several dentists in their area looking for treatment that they can afford, but who have found dentists only willing to to sell them the most expensive alternatives.  “You need 5 root canals, 8 crowns and three implants….Period!”.

These patients are really looking for a dentist who will say “I can offer the expensive treatment plan, or I could extract three of the teeth, try filling two to see if the pulp survives, fill the rest and make you either a cast metal RPD or an all-plastic RPD”.  Maybe they have been told they need all their teeth extracted, but really want a partial or a transitional denture (like a CuSil or another alternative that allows them to keep some of their natural teeth).  Some just want to trace the source of their chronic oral-facial pain.

Until now, (January, 2010) I have had to write back to these patients saying that I do not know any dentists in their area that practice “medical dentistry”.  I am setting up this page as a clearing house for dentists who would like to see patients who are looking for dentists with a practice philosophy that revolves around the patient’s needs and desires.  These patients will read your entry here and refer themselves.

If you are a practicing, licensed dentist  (and I can confirm that you are), and would like to place your name, qualifications and a short description of your practice philosophy on this page, please use the E-mail button in the blue column in the upper right shared border of this page.  Please include the following:

Your name
Your practice address and hours
Your e-mail address
A link to your website if you have one
A short paragraph about the type of practice you have
include your practice philosophy
specialties you feel you excel at
Add a note if you treat atypical pain

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