Snuff_pouch_3Snuff pouches are a form of hyperkeratosis (leukoplakia) that develops on the mucosal surfaces in the oral cavity where the patient keeps snuff.  These areas are generally in the vestibule which is the fold where the lips or cheeks curve up or down as they approach the teeth.  Lesions take the form of verrucous (wart-like), linear folds which develop a white thickening of the mucosa over a period of years.  The longer the snuff habit remains active, the thicker and whiter the leukoplakia, and the more likely the lesion is to transform into an aggressive form of squamous cell carcinoma (cancer) known as verrucous carcinoma.  In most cases, cessation of the habit prior to the development of the cancer results in the disappearance of the lesion and a return to normal mucosa.  The lesion pictured here is is a very early degree 1, and should regress with cessation of the snuff habit.


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