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Snoring on the cheap

Warning!  Do not use Valium, Xanax,tranquilizers or other sleeping pills in order to improve your sleep if there is a substantial chance that you may be suffering from obstructive sleep apnea.  You may think you are sleeping better, but it is an illusion that could lead to stroke, heart attack or even early death.  Click here to read why this can happen.

Breathe Right® nasal strips

BreathRightWhile these Breath Right Strips do not act at the site where snoring takes place, they do have the effect of opening the airway around the nasal septum, thus making breathing through the nose a bit easier.   They are especially effective in persons who have had broken noses, nose surgery, deviated septum or other minor nasal problems in which air flow through the nose is restricted.  It turns out that people are much more likely to snore if they breath through the mouth rather than through the nose. By opening the nasal passages, the patient is more likely to keep his mouth closed because a sufficient volume of air can now enter through the nose.  These strips have the added advantage of being widely available in the neighborhood drug store and in being relatively inexpensive.  Unfortunately, snoring and apnea happen deep in the throat and these strips have no effect there.  While they may quiet snoring to a degree, they have little to no effect on sleep apnea or the real cause of snoring.

Why you should not buy an anti-snoring device over the web or over the counter.

If you run a Google search for anti-snoring devices, you will come up with literally hundreds of pages of products promising relief from snoring and sleep apnea.  The point to remember about purchasing anything over the internet that promises to relieve snoring or sleep apnea is that any relief you may obtain from an over-the-counter appliance will be either non existant or minimal compared to the relief you will get from a qualified doctor.

Obstructive sleep apnea is a VERY serious medical condition that has very serious effects on your quality of life, including the possibility of DEATH!

Even after reading this website, you do not have the education to make a diagnosis.  That requires medical expertise. After all, you are asleep when the problem is occurring.  You don’t have the slightest idea of what is happening to your body while sleeping.

richard_nixonSleep apnea is a VERY DANGEROUS condition which can lead to stroke, heart attack or death.  Everyone has met someone who has suffered a serious stroke. That could be you!! Sleep apnea may also be only one symptom of an even more serious underlying medical problem.  If you are wrong about your condition, you could be making a fatal mistake!

Any appliance you buy over the web without a prescription from a physician or dentist is NOT medically approved to treat any condition.

You should not consider purchasing any sleep apnea appliance unless it complies with the requirements of directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices.  Federal (U.S.) law restricts these devices to sale by, or on the order of, a dentist or physician.

If you are a severe snorer, or suspect that you are a victim of sleep apnea, you should visit a qualified physician (Ear, Nose and Throat specialist preferably), or a dentist who has had some training in diagnosing and treating snoring and sleep apnea.  He or she will either prescribe a sleep study to confirm the severity and identity of your sleep disorder, or provide you with a take-home device which records your body while you sleep. He or she may also order tests to see if your sleep disorder is connected to other underlying causes.

Finally the GOOD NEWS. The treatment for obstructive sleep apnea is not all that expensive, and is not painful. A visit to a qualified dentist could save your life.


D-Snore and related “miracle” anti-snoring potions

Snoring is a problem which is both widespread and difficult for the average person to understand.  This formula–a widespread problem combined with widespread ignorance–is a true gold mine for con artists.  Today, it is done with “advertising and marketing”  rather than smoke and mirrors.  Exploit the population’s ignorance, promise them a magic cure for “only” $49.95 (not $50.00–for you, only $49.95) and even if most people recognize it as a con, enough people will still bite to make the con artist a millionaire.  If you have read this page explaining the mechanism of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, then you will understand that these problems have a complex origin rooted in anatomy and physiology.

D-snoreD-snore®, Snoreless®, and other more recent products (some you may even see advertised in the ads on this page) promise to “lubricate” the soft palate and uvula and thus stop snoring.  These products consist of a light preparation of peppermint flavored mineral oil. Unfortunately, snoring happens whether the palate is wet (lubricated) or not!  Snoring has more to do with the relative size of the uvula and the proximity of the soft palate, tongue and epiglottis to the back of the throat.   If you sleep with your mouth open, (which is not always the case with snorers) the soft palate may tend to dry out.  In itself, this does not cause snoring, however dryness maycause a slight swelling of the tissues.  To the extent that these products prevent swelling of the soft palate, there may be a modicum of truth to the claims made for them.  However, since the major factor in snoring is the anatomic proximity of the soft palate to the back of the throat, the net effect of using these products is very small.  

Here’s something to ask yourself; If these products really worked to cure such a widespread and serious problem, and since they are so inexpensive and easy to produce, why don’t they appear on the shelves of every drugstore in the world?

Testimonials (those little stories testifying to how well something works) are generally based on one or two trial observations.  Aside from the possibility that the testimonial may be from a biased source, the difficulty with believing in testimonials on how well products like D-Snore work is that a person’s degree of snoring is effected by numerous factors that change from night to night.  In other words, the volume or duration of snoring involves such variables as the position in which the person sleeps, (sleeping on your side decreases the likelihood of snoring) the depth of the sleep, the varying physical health of the person on the night in question, what the person had for dinner, and how long it has been since the person ate.  Just because a Breathe Right strip or D-Snore seems to work for a night or two, it does not mean that the product is actually the factor that caused the result.  If you want to see consistently snore-free nights, the best bet is generally a combination of the U-Triple-P surgery and anti-snoring device combination, or a CPAP machine.

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