Pyogenic_granulomaThe pyogenic granuloma is a relatively common reactive, tumor-like overgrowth of granulation tissue that occurs as a result of local irritation.  It may occur at any age, but is most commonly seen in teenagers and young adults.  It is more common in females than in males.  They can develop almost anywhere in the oral cavity, but are most commonly seen on the gingiva.  The one shown here happened in a 12 year old girl as a result of irritation from plaque accumulation under an orthodontic wire.  Granulation tissue is red, raised and bleeds easily.  These can grow to be fairly large, up to ten mm.

When the irritation is removed, they may regress to normal, but more frequently, they organize into a pink, firm bump called a fibroma

It is not uncommon to see pyogenic granuloma develop on oral tissues of pregnant women as a result of irritation and the hormonal disturbances associated with pregnancy.  When this happens, these growths are known as pregnancy granuloma or pregnancy tumors

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