The Procera process for fabricating zirconia frameworks

The Procera scanning device


procerascanDetails of dies being scanned by the scanning machine.  The ball revolves around the die in a circular motion. Each die takes about a minute to scan.

Procera_cyberA screenshot of the scanned images.  The scanning device records the minute detail surface characteristics of each die, as well as the exact spacial relationship between the two.  After the two prep dies are scanned, the ridge lap will be scanned separately in order to record its anatomy for the fabrication of the pontic.

proceraframeworkThis is an image of a Procera Forte bridge framework fabricated by a milling machine from a block of sintered zirconia using the system shown above.  In this case, the material being milled is a sintered zirconia product called Procera Forte.  Procera AllCeram is not strong enough for the fabrication of multi unit posterior bridges.