AngularCheilitisAngular cheilitis is a very common condition which effects many people, especially in the winter months. Almost everyone finds themselves afflicted with it sooner or later.  It is a scaly, often itchy sore at the corner of the lips. It is caused by a yeast infection, and is seen sore frequently in persons with depressed immune systems, people wearing old, ill fitting dentures which have allowed the face to collapse,  younger persons who are more likely to drool at the corners of the mouth and persons with psoriasis.  The lower image shows a healing lesion

AngularCheilitis2This condition is easily treated with antibiotic creams that are specific for yeast, such as nystatin cream or ointment. In situations in which a person is susceptible to psoriasis (a skin condition causing flaking skin, redness and sores), it may be best to treat with a combination steroid/yeast antibiotic combination like Mycolog®, which is formulated with Nystatin and Triamcinolone.

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