old-time-pictureWelcome to Dr. Spiller’s website.  You’ll learn just how long I’ve been doing this and just what I think is important, Including about dentistry and my family.



Start here!Why do some people have such Nice Teeth? Read about the five factors that determine whether or not you will have trouble with your teeth!


BassSchematicPreventing Dental Disease
Spending 5 minutes once a day can make the difference between keeping your natural teeth til you are 90, or having false teeth by the age of 45.


dental_insuranceHow dentists set their fees, and how dental insurance works. What if you don’t have dental insurance?  ! Read this to really understand how dentists set fees and how dental insurance works.


marty-familyMeet Dr. Spiller–This is my autobiography page where you’ll meet me and my family through pictures and commentary.



contact_usContact my office or ask me a question.  I generally answer email coming from patients all over the world.  This is where we stash our telephone number and where you can email the office about making an appointment.



Bonding_thumg-sWhat is bonding?
Click the image to the left to see an introduction to direct and indirect bonding and an explanation of veneers.


veneersLumineers® represent a new way to have the smile you always wanted without shots and with minimal changes to your natural teeth.  You can have nice looking teeth no matter how discolored or crooked they are now.


edentulousShould I have all my teeth pulled out and get dentures??
Page 2–Why you should keep your teeth! (Read this to learn the reality of false teeth if you still have any solid teeth!).



Dentures–All about false teeth! How long do they last?    Page 2– How are they repaired? Relines and rebases.  Does your denture make you gag? Now there’s something you can do about it.


Q-siltopDifferent types of dentures, (they’re not all the same) Denture relines and rebases (They need a reline every two years), Denture repair,.  Cleaning your dentures (Avoid denture breath)


miniimplantsMini Implants
Can’t wear your lower denture? Does your upper denture make you gag? Now there’s something you can do about it. Click this icon. Page 2–A step by step of the surgery involved in mini implants.


ValPlastPartialRemovable partial dentures–The least expensive way to replace missing teeth. 



Implant-with-crown-schematicImplants –Page oneThe best (but more expensive) way to replace missing teeth. Why would you want them?What are they? Page two–How are they done? How much do they cost?


 skull_edentulous2Page 1–Bone resorptionA look at the image to the left might stimulate an interest in keeping your natural teeth. Page 2–Bone grafting and socket preservation. The real life consequences of bone resorption. Page 3– How we preserve bone and the types of bone grafts.


grannyWhy can’t Granny wear her lower denture?
Bone resorption of the lower jaw and why full dentures are just a myth.


Caries3Page 1 – Tooth Decay-Why do I have soft teethWill a nail dissolve in a bottle of Coke?
Page 2-Do drugs such as Ecstasy and meth cause decay?  How about Tetracycline, Dilantin, Hormone therapy, and Blood Pressure medication?  Does Xylitol prevent tooth decay?

methmouthiconMeth Mouth
What is Meth mouth?   What actually causes it?  Can it be treated?  How to prevent it!



attritionthumbWhat causes teeth to wear down? Start on page 1.
Attrition, Erosion, Abrasion, and Abfraction
Seven pages, geared for dental professionals.  Find out how to recognize the signs of each habit.


caries_thumbFillingsWhat is the least expensive way to repair a broken or decayed tooth, all the different types of fillings and their pros and cons.-There are 6 pages  altogether.  The third page also discusses the tooth pain you may experience after a filling is done.


dry_mouth_thumbDry Mouth Syndrome (Xerostomia)Chronically dry mouth causes tremendous suffering for millions of people.  Click on this icon to find out what causes it and what you can do about it.

gasmaskthumbBad breath

What it is, how it’s treated, and what you can do about it.  You will be surprised at how many types there are.  There are three pages to this section.


How it’s done and why you should do it at home



perio_probeWhat is Gum disease?
What causes it and how can it be prevented? The relationship between gum disease and heart disease


scaling_thumbHow is Gum Disease treated?–What is scaling and root planing? How are patients categorized?How are antibiotics used in treatment?Triaging periodontal patients for dentists.



Preventing oral diseaseFive minutes once a day.  How to clean your  teeth properly



OralCavityNormal Oral anatomy
With sections on the tongue, throat, tonsils and Burning Mouth Syndrome.


OralCancerOral Cancer
The different kinds, what it looks like, and who is likely to get it.



Sores_thumbLumps, bumps growths and discolorations
Three pages! If it’s not normal, oral cancer or commonly associated with disease states, maybe you’ll see a picture of it here.


Abnormalities in the oral cavity due to disease processes. Five Pages. Graphic images here.


kaposis_thumbAIDS:  A frank discussion of the what it is, its epidemiology (who is likely to get it and how it spreads), its diagnosis and its oral manifestations. Here you will see images of oral disease processes that are associated with AIDS. A look at the virus itself on page 3.



Tooth Anatomy–Click here for a general discussion without getting bogged down in technical details



Thumb_Tooth_DiagramTooth anatomy for dental students and other dental professionals.   Click here if you DO want to get bogged down in details.



TwinsCHILDREN’S DENTISTRY–Three Pages–Every question you want to ask about children’s teeth including when they are supposed to erupt, why baby teeth should be repaired (when they are only going to fall out anyway), and why the dentist wants to do that procedure to your child.


avulsed_LargeAvulsed teeth
What to do if you or your child accidentally knocks a tooth out of the mouth—Also, detailed procedures for dentists


Cramics_thumbA course in dental ceramics
This is a five page course in dental ceramics written so anyone can understand it. It covers all aspects of ceramics, from its beginnings in the potter’s studio, progresses through the invention of the porcelain jacket crown and finishes with advanced ceramic cores.

agglomerated_compositeA Course in Dental composites and cements
This is a technical course in how dental cements and composites are formulated.  Written so that anyone can understand it, this is essential reading for general dentists who are mystified by the jungle of different composites competing for your attention.


Gold-crownA course in Dental Alloys

A five page course written so anyone can understand it.  It deals with the microscopic structure and content of dental alloys.  You will learn why gold is soft, alloys are hard and wrought wire is springy.



Mercury in dental amalgams

Are your fillings killing you?
  Seven long pages about the history, toxicity and controversies concerning dental amalgam.


CrownsThumbWhat are crowns and why do people need them? Click the image to the left for a discussion of preparation and fabrication of custom crowns, as well as the types and uses for prefabricated crowns. Discussion of metal allergy in dentistry.



What if you want to replace one or two teeth, but don’t want a removable appliance and can’t afford implants



InstantOrthoThumbInstant Orthodontics.  Click on the images to the left to see how teeth can be “straightened” using a mix of judicious extractions, crowns, bridges and implants rather than an extended  period in braces (orthodontics).



understandingpainUnderstanding pain–Includes a discussion of neural anatomy and Referred pain  Trigeminal Neuralgia and  Tic douloureux.  Learn about the detailed anatomy and physiology of the neuron.



rootcanalthumbWhat is a Root Canaland why would anyone want one? Click the image to the left to find out. (5 pages of information)–Can bad teeth cause arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, autoimmune problems or other systemic disease?


postandcorethumbWhat is a post and core?

Click the image on the left to find out



Click on this icon to see how the dentist decides when to pull a tooth as opposed to saving it?   All about wisdom teeth and Complications including dry socket, osteonecrosis and BRONJ.




Orthodontics: How dentists straighten teeth, and the criteria they use to diagnose a case.


Terminal_Perio_X-RayDental X-RAYS (for patients)
The different types and why we need them.  How dangerous is the radiation? Click on this icon to understand dental


radiology-thumbA course in dental radiology
Designed for radiology technicians, dentists, hygienists and assistants, this course tells the secrets of getting less distortion in your images as well as all other aspects of x-ray technology.  Here you will learn how CAT scans and Cone Beams create their images.

tmjthumbTMJ and Dental headaches

What is TMJ and TMD?
(Dental headaches, jaw pain, neck stiffness & sensitive teeth).


A companion page for the discussion of TMD.  It details the relationship between the way the teeth meet and the way the joint is configured.  Geared for dental students, hygienists and dental assistants. Helps to clarify an otherwise bewildering subject. Read about my patient, Popeye.

apneaappliancesthumbSleep Apnea and snoring devices
Click on this icon to learn how Sleep Apnea can be treated without a cumbersome CPAP ventilator and stop snoring to boot! read a letter from a grieving parent who lost a son because of his sleep apnea.


anesthesiathumbLocal Anesthetics–A seven page course. All about the history, chemistry, toxicity and longevity of the various common local anesthetics used in dentistry and medicine.  Learn about complications arising from getting the shot and why some people just can’t get numb/


falsepositiveCan local anesthetics cause false positive drug tests?
See a list of all drugs that can cause false positive drug tests
Find out why you can’t seem to get numb at the dentist’s office.


gowgatesthumbThe Gow-Gates block.  An alternative to the mandibular block.  It is a painless injection, uses no vasoconstrictor, and almost always works to numb the lower jaw when all else fails.


isomersAlzheimer’s Disease and dentistry
Can you get Alzheimer’s disease from root canal files or other dental instruments? This is a technical page where you can learn about prion mediated diseases.  I’ve included it here because of fears that Alzheimer’s is transmissible and because it’s simply an interesting subject.

Is it safe? How does it work? What does it do?  Click on this icon to find out. Read about Fluorosis and my “Dear Dr. Dumbass” letter from an anti-fluoridationist.  You can also read my reply.


crackedtooththumbCracked teeth:
When it hurts to bite, but there’s no cavity or abscess